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Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Whizzing or whirring sound or noise from tail rotor on an ESky Honey Bee helicopter

If you hear a whirring or whizzing noise coming from your honeybee helicopter's tail rotor then more than likely the rubber grommet that holds the tail blade to the gear has loosened and needs to be pushed back to lock the tail rotor back into the drive gear.

The drive gear has holes around the inner circumference which the tail gear locks into when it is properly in place. If the grommet comes loose the the gear can disengage from the motor pinion and the tail rotor will not spin correctly.

Another cause can be that the tail rotor's little pegs (which slot into the drive gear) have broken or worn due to the grommet being loose too often and the tiny pegs not engaging correctly into the gear.

To push the grommet back on properly you should push the stem that the gear and blade go over towards the gear and at the same time push the grommet towards the tail blade.

Be carful not to make too tight a connection between the blade and the gear as this can cause the bearing to jam which can put unnecessary strain on the shaft which will (or can) shear it. Been there done that, bought a new gear mount and gear!

You can purchase a spare at buzzflyer (click on the image)
tail rotor drive gear and stem replacement

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your suggestions; I had to looseen the fuel tubing a bit on the tail shaft for it to spin freely. Now it's working decent for the abuse I've put it through!