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Monday, 7 January 2008

Mastering the Hover

Day 5
Woohoo! First time and I was up in the air hovering happily for over 5 mins, only lost control a couple of times but managed to land safely (but again a little too quickly) on the bed. I am slowly getting used to controlling the little blighter!

My tiny movements on the sticks are improving with each flight, and I was confident for 15 mins or so that I was successfully flying (well hovering) my Honeybee. Alas, the third flight I had a Jack Douglas (Carry On) moment and pulled too hard on the back stick and the heli flew directly towards me and I completely lost control. Alas I crashed into the bed room wall just missing my face with the tail rotor. Once again broke one of the tiny 'o' clips that hold the main rotor blade to the flybar. Fortunately I have replacements in my crash repair kit, but looks like I'll be buying a few more of those very soon at this rate!

I feel that this crash was entirely due to the small amount of space I am trying to learn in. I think I need to get out into a larger space, and lose the security of the soft bed to land on!

Never give up, Never surrender! (Galaxy Quest)

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