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Sunday, 6 January 2008

Honeybee FP Hover? OH YES!

Day 4
Today I went for it again, decided to stick to the soft landing of the bed for a while longer while I get used to tight spaces and the controls of my Honeybee FP heli.

So anyway, I straightened out the main prop, switched on the transmitter and attached the battery. Took a slightly different approach this time... Brought the power up 1/6th of the way so the heli was spinning tail and main prop but stationery, adjusted the turn so the heli was stable and then went to a low hover speed and there she blows!

I am amazed, I actually managed to hover it today about 2ft off the bed, and for over 1 minute! I am so pleased with myself! My control is a bit "worse for wear" as I am continuously over adjusting the left/right bank and easily losing control, but I managed to land it safely (albeit a little too quickly) onto the centre of my bed.

Managed to do this a few times, so I am obviously managing to learn how to control this thing. Alas my final attempt once again caught the tail fin and snapped it off again! Another repair needed for that now, but at least I didn't damage it as much this time. A bit of superglue will fix that.

Right, I'm off to fix the tail fin, and get ready for the next time!

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