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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sorry guys... Not been updating my blog!

Yeah I know, I know... I said a week or so, to be honest I just went out and bought another HBFP and didn't do the repairs at all, then my mate was attempting to fly the new one because he was "an excellent flyer, and had flown radio helis before" and nose dived it again. Typical!!!

Long and short is that he has the two smashed up HBFP's and is trying to make a new one out of them, It's been months, and he still hasn't started. I just dont have time at present, but I really do want to get back on it again. So sorry for the major delays, but watch this space.

Apologies to all who have been hunting for repair entries. I am really really sorry. I had to post this because I noticed from the site stats that it gets quite a few hits, clearly quite a common problem the "crashing your HBFP" thing...

I promise I will get aback onto it once I've back hand slapped my mate and got back my helis in whatever state they are currently in!