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Saturday, 12 January 2008

How to fit the training kit Honeybee and Honeybee CP (and other ESky Helicopters

Training kits are very important for beginners as they allow the beginner to learn how to hover and control their RC helicopter without doing too much damage to the helicopter.

If you purchase the standard kit (e.g. from BuzzFlyer available for purchase at this link... for the Honeybee and Honeybee CP which has the black clips with it, then fitting could not be simpler. Other helicopters training kit fitting is also similar to this.

You should have the folloing with the training kit...

Training kit from BuzzFlyer

  • 4 clips (they attach to the skids)
  • 4 bars
  • 4 balls (they stop the bars catching on carpet or digging into the ground etc)
  • The training kit hub centre piece
  • 8 small grommet like rubber tube pieces. (In the pic they are already holding the balls in place!)

To fit this type of kit...

  1. Clip the four clips onto the skids by by sliding the vertical bar of the skid into the slot and then hooking the base skid section into the clip. This is then secured by turning the clip upwards until it (kind of) clips over the vertical skid bar.
    Training Gear Clip 01 Training Gear Clip 02 Training Gear Clip 03
  2. Put the helicopter (with clips attached) on a flat surface and place the training kit hub centre so that when the rods are attached they kind of point down and out from the centre of the helicopter base.
  3. Get one of the training kit rods and pass it through the hole in one of the clips from the outside of the skids towards the hub, and then locate it into one of the hub slots and push it in as far as it will go. The bar should be a snug fit.
    Locating the base
  4. Repeat step 3 for each of the other bars until all four are attached to the hub.
  5. Take four of the grommet like rubber tubes and slide them onto each bar (one each) about 4 to 5 cm's.
    Rubber grommets and balls
  6. Locate the balls (one per bar) and use the remaining rubber grommet like tubes to hold the balls in place.
  7. Voila! Your ready to start flying.
    Training Gear Complete

If your helicopter training kit doesn't come with clips or your helicopter has flat style skids that the clips wont fit onto or over, then you can use wire tidies (the zip style placstic slip things) or even some tape to secure the assembled training kit to the base of the skids. The bars of the kit should be on top of the skids base (not below it!)

One thing to remember is that once attached the hub of the training kit should be centred to the body of the helicopter to maintain balance. The kit does add unnecessary weight to the helicopter, but they are necessary if you are a complete novice at flying (as I am).

Happy flying!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice, i got mine today and was a little baffled as there were no instructions!

Anonymous said...

how do you fit the upgrade skids for the honeybee fp and the new wiring

Gordon said...

Yes, thanks from me also. Most helpful.

SIDTURBO said...

Been fiddling around for ages trying to figure out how to fit this training kit.

Why don't they give any instructions with them ? A simple diagram would suffice.

Anonymous said...

very useful thanks!

Anonymous said...

nice 1 thanks for advice looking forward to trying this, whats betting i crash lol

thanks again

Klang said...

So that's how you do it!!
Many thanks from Sweden :)
/Patrik Umaerus

jon said...

brilliant thanks! spent ages looking at this at the weekend with no joy, so flew it without... luckily only minor damage as didn't try to actually 'fly' too high :) thanks very much!

Anonymous said...

2012 and still helping us out...cheers pal

Anonymous said...

AH that's how you do it! my v2 has the flat landing struts......Thanks, John (also a novice)