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Monday, 18 February 2008

My ESky Honeybee FP - Crash and Burn!

Oh well the day came, I was flying happily, with not great control out in the open in a nice big field, and then low and behold, NOSE DIVE! Completely lost control of my heli and crashed with quite a thud from about 20ft in the air....

Bad news for me, good news for you lot!

Coming soon, a huge number of "How to's" coming for your use.

  1. How to replace the tail boom
  2. How to fit a new chassis
  3. How to fit the upgraded skids and tail fins
  4. And probably a few more.
Thought I would just blog the fact that from one's misfortune comes some good. Alas, some minor tape and a bit of glue isn't going to get me back in the air this time! Looks like I'll be getting out the soldering iron, and a load of spare parts!

I'll be back in the air in no time...

Happy Flying!


Peter said...

Looking forward to seeing the repairs/how-tos. I've just got myself a HB FP and have found your posts very useful.

franticbloggerman said...

Thanks Peter, glad you find it useful. I've just had a look at my HBFP and it needs quite extensive repairs! :( Looking to get the spares ordered next week and get going on them! Pretty much need a new everything, so I should have some good posts up over the next week or so.

Normski said...

Claud, I've just downed my HoneyBee FP smashed the Rotor head, bent the flybar and bent the tail boom - ouch!

Have you the article for replacing the boom?

franticbloggerman said...

Normski... Man, bad news. The boom should be relatively easy to replace. I've not done it myself, so haven't done an article for it. I know that the bugger is glued in though.

Good luck. If you work out how to do it, drop me a line. I'll add it to my blog.